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Voiceover and text by Susan-Jane Harrison for opening of "Anonymous”.

“Anonymous” is a devised theatre dance piece directed by choreographer Iu-Hui Chua, assistant direction and text by Susan-Jane Harrison, in collaboration with undergraduate women performers at University of California, Davis, with funding from the Penguin Foundation Ltd and the Department of Theatre and Dance at UC Davis. “Anonymous” was performed in the Spring of 2013.

Anonymous explores issues of sexuality, wounding and identity in young women’s lives, reflecting difference and diversity of attitude within this demographic, while touching on an intergenerational shift between these women and their older counterparts.

“Accidental porn tourist in a technological abattoir:
Oh soft porn where have you gone? You died with barely a wet gasp. Soft angled suggestions rimed with the rust of yesterday’s raunch... Of thee I sing. Accidentally.”